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Personalised Name/Word Cut-Vinyl Decal Sticker 8 Fancy Script Fonts (Metallic)

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Custom Personalised Name/Word Cut-Vinyl Decal Sticker - 8 Fancy Script Handwriting Font Styles (Metallic) These personalised decals are cut from high quality vinyl to give a professional look and finish. The decals are cut letters, do not have a background colour, and come with transfer tape attached for easy application. The decals can be applied to any item which has a smooth and non-porous surface. Therefore it is ideal for wood, mugs, glasses, water bottles, baubles or similar. Vinyl decals do not adhere well to flexible and pliable plastic products with a high level of plasticiser.  The decals are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and if applied correctly, should last at least 4 years. Not suitable for dishwasher use. How to Order: 1) Choose your colour. 2) Choose your letter height. Font size is based on a capital letter of that particular size! For example, if your order the name “Julie”, the ‘J’ will measure 1”, 2” or 3” and the ‘ulie’ will be smaller. If your words/names include a letter with a tail (y,p,g,j), these will make the overall height of your word larger than your chosen size.Please also remember that the larger the size you order, the longer the word will be. So again, if you ordered the name Julie in 3” size, depending on the font chosen it could measure up to 10” long! If you have a maximum length that your word can be (or any other size requirements) please state this in the "Message to seller" box during checkout to avoid disappointment.3) Choose the number of letters.This is total number of letters and numbers that your words contain. For example, "Julie 12.03.2019" would equal 13 letters, and would require the 11-20 option.If your wording exceeds 20 letters, please add additional options to your Ebay basket to cover the total amount of letters.4) Leave a message to seller stating both your desired font style (from 1-8) AND words/phrasing. Failure to do so may result in your order being delayed or cancelled.To leave a message to seller, click the "Message to seller" button found under the "Review item and postage" section during checkout.Words will be cut in upper and lowercase letters where appropriate. We do not recommend the use of uppercase letters only in these particular fonts as they do not look right. Please see my other listings for better alternatives. Application Information: 1) Ensure that the item you are applying the decal to has been cleaned thoroughly and is free from dust and dirt (a surgical or antibacterial wipe is ideal for this). It is advised to apply vinyl to an item at room temperature. If your item feels cold to the touch, you should lightly warm the item with a hairdryer or heat gun before application. 2) Place decal face up on a hard flat surface, and rub with a store/bank card to help the vinyl stick to the transfer tape. 3) Flip design over and slowly peel away the backing paper at an angle, so that the decal is attached to the transfer tape exposing the adhesive side. On occasion, a      fingernail or pin may be required to help the decal start to peel away. 4) Apply decal in desired position and rub firmly and thoroughly with a store/bank card to burnish the vinyl down. The vinyl adhesive reactivates with pressure; therefore it is very important that when your decal is in place, that you burnish it well with a bank/store card - Just using your fingers to press the vinyl down onto the item is not enough pressure! We strongly advise you leave the transfer tape in position on your item (especially for cylindrical or curved items) for 24 hours, or 48 hours if possible to allow the adhesive to fully cure. 5) Carefully remove the transfer tape & do NOT wash in a dishwasher.   Postage Information Your order will be posted within 1 working day from the date of your order via Royal Mail 2nd Class. Other delivery options are available. If your order exceeds £20.00, it will be posted via Royal Mail 1st Class Signed For, unless advised otherwise by you. Orders usually arrive within 1-4 working days. However at busier times of the year it can take longer, up to 7 days. Please allow 7 days from your order date before contacting me for a replacement/refund for items that have not arrived. Depending on the size of your decals, they may be cut into sections for posting purposes. If you require your decal(s) to be in one long continuous message, please contact us before ordering as additional postage fees may apply.  

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