Laptop Windows - HP Laptop 15.6 Windows 10 Purple Some Screen Scratches  AMD A8 8GB RAM 120GB SSD

HP Laptop 15.6 Windows 10 Purple Some Screen Scratches AMD A8 8GB RAM 120GB SSD

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This is for my wife's laptop, complete with the original power supply. It uses an AMD A8 processor and is running Windows 10 (upgraded from the original 8.1 as part of Microsoft's upgrade programme). It's in good working order - updating, resetting Windows and adding several programmes went flawlessly. It has a 120GB SSD fitted along with 8GB of RAM. Windows has been updated and refreshed to remove personal data. Some basic programmes (such as Libre Office) have also been installed. There is currently a single local administrator account on the laptop which is not password protected - a password and/or other accounts can be added when you receive the laptop, if you wish. I would grade this as being about B/C - the case and keyboard are in good condition but there are marks and quite long scratches to the screen, although these have never bothered me when I've used the laptop. They tend to only notice when viewing solid colours in that part of the screen (e.g., black or white). The touchpad also has some marks and what looks like a spot of glue on it. However, it works fine. The Wi-Fi has been prone to dropping connections in the past - this is due to it utilising the 2.4GHz network only (unlike newer laptops, it's not dual band). However, this has been better and less frequent over the last 6 months or so - possibly coinciding with a change of microwave! The battery is fine but relatively low capacity so browsing time is limited - it depends on what you use it for, or course. Local pickup (Tibshelf, Derbyshire) is fine with cash on collection. Otherwise, postage is as listed with payment by PayPal. Local pickup is fine (Tibshelf, Derbyshire), in which case cash on collection. If posted, postage is as listed to standard Hermes postcodes with payment by PayPal. Please note: I am not a qualified electrician and so am unable to check my electrical items for safety. Although I would never knowingly sell anything that was faulty without saying so, unless you are able to check the item(s) yourself, you should have it/them checked by someone who is qualified to do so. Similarly, you should make sure that the item is installed by someone who is both competent to do so and competent to check it for safety.

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