mirror - Flexible Mirror Sheet On A Roll. VERY HIGH QUALITY.  Check Close-Up Photos

Flexible Mirror Sheet On A Roll. VERY HIGH QUALITY. Check Close-Up Photos

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Please check photos from all sellers before buying, if you need good quality. If sellers have quality items, they will want to show them off as we do. The most reflective material other than a traditional mirror. Cuts with scissors - perfect for arts and crafts. Lightweight and safe for children or animals. Can be used outside. All lengths ordered (except A4) arrive as a single sheet on a roll. If you order a quantity of 3, you will receive one roll 3m long. The A4 sheet will arrive in a reinforced envelope. The sample (Approx 14cm x 10cm) will arrive in a normal envelope. Please be aware that the image will only be perfect if the sheet is kept flat. If you need a normal mirror just to put on your wall, it will be much easier to buy a normal mirror than trying to get a flexible mirror perfect. You can not just quickly glue this onto a surface and expect an instant, perfect, normal mirror. If you don't need your mirror to be flexible, we would suggest not buying a flexible one! We recommend using as little glue as possible. Dbl sided tape also works. It is possible to buy flexible sheet with a sticky back but it is nowhere near as reflective as this product. We have sold thousands of metres of this sheeting and just about everyone is surprised at how reflective it actually is. We guarantee that this mirror sheeting is the most reflective available. Being made from a thin, bendy plastic which has been coated with a silver layer, it's quality is reflected in the price - you get what you pay for. Sheeting half the price will be half the quality which is fine if you don't mind a fuzzy image instead of a crystal clear one. Please scroll down to see the latest reviews. This material will scratch and mark quite easily due to the nature f the silvered layer. If you want to avoid fingerprints etc, we recommend you wear latex gloves. Try to avoid rubbing with solvents or anything abraisive. To clean, use a very soft cloth and small amount of detergent in water - be gentle. I cut the sheet freehand in order to avoid scratches. As a result, you may not get a perfectly straight edge but you will always get a few centimeters extra for free.  The A4 sheets are pre-cut and the correct size. The sheet will arrive wrapped in clingfilm for protection and inside a cardboard tube or the A4 will be in a reinforced envelope. The sample is a small, postcardish sized piece approx 14cm x 10cm, cut from the end of a roll and sent in a normal envelope. Please note, this item is open to the usual possible customs practices/ delays for buyers from outside the UK.

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