Laptop Windows - Dell Inspiron 3558 15.6" laptop, 480GB SSD, 8GB RAM, Windows 10

Dell Inspiron 3558 15.6" laptop, 480GB SSD, 8GB RAM, Windows 10

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Dell Inspiron 3558 15.6" laptop, 480GB SSD, 8GB RAM, Windows 10Intel Core i3-5005U processor @ 2.0Ghz1366 x 768 pixel resolution, 15.6" display480GB SATA SSD8GB 1600MHz RAM For sale here is our Dell Inspiron 3558. Originally bought for my son to learn to code with. We originally ran Ubuntu Linux on this laptop before upgrading to Pop_OS! Linux. Unfortunately Linux has proven to be too much of a challenge for us to install apps on, upgrade and generally get to a point where we can actually do stuff with it. Undeterred, I bought a license of Windows 10 to install on the machine but we can't get it to install. I've been a Mac guy for twenty years now so Windows and PC BIOS / UEFI settings are beyond me. Suffice to say, my son is now using my MacBook Pro to code with. In true Apple fashion, it just works! So, this Dell Inspiron laptop currently comes with no OS installed on it but it does come with a genuine Windows 10 install DVD and license code. As I say, I haven't been able to complete the Windows 10 installation as it seems to fail to boot during a reboot sequence during the installation. This may say more about me than it does about the machine as I tinkered with the BIOS settings before attempting the installation. The battery is not great so you generally have to keep the power adapter plugged in whilst using the machine. I'm sure replacement batteries are available though. It's also possible that the battery might be able to be reconditioned using software. Again, as I don't really know PCs, I'm not really sure. The laptop has had its donkey-slow mechanical hard drive replaced with a 480GB solid state drive so read/write speeds are pretty good. It's also had its standard 4GB RAM upgraded to 8GB so the specs are perfectly usable even in 2020. Any questions, please do ask. Thanks for looking!

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