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Daisy Earrings Stud Sterling 925 Silver Jewellery Sun Flower Womens Girls Ladies

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925 Silver Daisy Earrings These dainty yet eye-catching daisy stud earrings are so pretty - perfect for wearing at any time of year. Daisy measures 1cm x 1cm approx.925 Silver Butterfly Fastening Earrings are presented in a small jewellery pouch / gift bag - ready to give to someone special. Please note - the colour on the centre of each daisy is finished by hand and therefore they all differ very slightly. Matching daisy bracelets, anklets, earrings and necklaces are available in our eBay shop, plus Buy 1 Item, Get Any Other at 20% Off! Please Note: This item is made from genuine 925 Sterling Silver (s925); 925 silver is an alloy with a composition of (by weight) 92.5% silver (as a minimum) and 7.5% (or less) other / mixed metals. Some of those other metals, primarily copper, oxidise when they interact with moisture from the air and this can / will cause 925 silver to tarnish - acid from the skin can also accelerate oxidation and those with higher pH levels in their skin (we are all different!) will find their jewellery oxidising quicker, which is what causes a green mark on the skin; although a green mark isn't desirable, this is a natural and normal reaction and not an allergic reaction. Even if you have not had a reaction to 925 silver in the past, the different compositions / mixture of metals in different items as well as a change in skin pH level (which can change for many reasons, including taking medication or using new skincare products) can cause a reaction at any time. When purchasing earrings, you may also find that your ears have an allergic reaction to the metal for the same reasons, even if you have not experienced a reaction or sensitivity before - again, this is unfortunate but not something which can be predicted by you, or by us. 925 silver can oxidise and tarnish instantly when exposed to some elements such as sulphur and latex and also many silver cleaning chemicals, as these are made for pure silver, not 925 silver and contain chemicals which react with the mixed metals - the jewellery should also be kept away from water, sunlight, humidity, heat and chemicals such as household cleaning products and perfume as these factors will all cause 925 silver to tarnish (especially moisture). If the jewellery tarnishes, it just needs a little clean to remove the oxidation / tarnish and it will be as good as new, it will not be permanently discoloured. By proceeding with any purchase you accept and understand that oxidation, tarnishing and the possibility of a green mark on the skin is a natural occurrence with 925 silver and that items cannot be returned if they just need a clean. If you have an allergy to or are sensitive to any metal or would prefer to purchase jewellery which doesn't tarnish then we would recommend purchasing 100% silver jewellery - this item is NOT 100% silver. As stated above, a reaction can occur at any time, including an allergic reaction, especially if purchasing earrings. We cannot be held responsible for any reactions caused if you proceed to purchase the items. If we can help at all before you purchase from us, or with any after-care advice then please just send us a message, we are always happy to help. (Please note - all measurements are approximate and differences in monitors and / or the device you use to view the listing / photos may result in subtle differences in colour & textures)

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