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Crystal Gemstone Bracelet 7 Chakra Chip Bead Natural Stones Reiki Jewellery Gift

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Gemstone Chip Bracelets - New Buy 1 Item, Get Any Other Item at 20% Off Please visit our eBay shop for over 100 different styles of chakra bracelet as well as chakra earrings, necklaces and keyrings - all are included in our multibuy offer. Gemstone bracelets can be worn as fashion accessories, but it is claimed by many that each gemstone also has its own properties and is able to bring pure and positive energies which can benefit the wearer. Dating back thousands of years, ancient civilizations have used gemstones for their cleansing, balancing and healing properties. Whether worn daily or for special occasions, as well as the claimed benefits they bring they are also a reminder of our intentions and goals. Crystals and gemstones can be used as effective meditation tools and when worn around the wrist, can bring calming, centering and balancing benefits. The bracelet can be worn on either wrist, although it is claimed that the left side is our sensitive, receptive side and so should be worn on the left wrist when the wearer is looking to attract positive energies and on the right wrist when the wearer wishes to manifest certain intentions and energies. More than one bracelet can be worn at the same time if desired. Each variation has its own properties - we have listed a few on each image but this is in no way an exhaustive list and recommend that research is carried out prior to purchase, in order to ensure that the bracelet is suitable for the benefits that are required. Will be sent in an organza bag - perfect to give as a gift. We have also selected 6 different selections of bracelets which compliment each other and can be purchased in sets of 3 - perfect for wearing together or separately (please select 'Set of 3' and your prefered set from the options available): ~ Amethyst, Fluorite & Clear Quartz~ Amethyst, Rose Quartz & Lapis Lazuli~ Aventurine, Fluorite, Clear Quartz~ Black Quartz, Smoky Quartz & Clear Quartz~ Rose Quartz, Fluorite & Clear Quartz~ Tiger Eye, Citrine & Clear Quartz Measurements & Weights Elasticated (Single Strand) (including set of 3)Measures 16cm - 18cm approx. (unstretched). Weight = 5g - 10g approx. (depending on stone). Bracelets with micro-pave cubic zirconia (CZ) cross - Cross measures 1.3cm x 0.9cm x 0.4cm approx. Adjustable (Single Strand) Strand measures 18cm approx. - with lobster clasp fastened the bracelet measures 20cm approx. + 5cm extension chain. Weight = 15g - 20g approx. (depending on stone). Adjustable (Double Strand) Available in 2 sizes: 20cm - 22cm = Each strand measures 18cm to 20cm approx. - with lobster clasp fastened the bracelet measures 20cm - 22cm + 5cm extension chain. Weight = 30g - 40g approx. (depending on stone).24cm = Each strand measures 22cm approx. - with lobster clasp fastened the bracelet measures 24cm + 5cm extension chain. Weight = 35g - 45g approx. (depending on stone). Stones measure from 2mm - 1.5cm approx, depending on the stones used.Metal used in bracelets is silver alloy. Price is for 1x bracelet or 1x set of 3 - please select from dropdown Part of the natural beauty of the gemstones is that they all differ in appearance, shade, shape and size therefore they all have different patterns and / or will likely be a different shade of the colours shown - they may be darker or lighter, smaller or larger . If buying as a fashion accessory and you are looking for a certain shade / colour on the gemstones, rather than purchasing the bracelet for the claimed benefits and properties that the gemstones provide, we recommend you contact us prior to purchase so we can send photos of current stock so you are not disappointed with the tone / shade of stones that you receive, as they will not be the same as photos shown. Please note:- All sizes are approximate - as each item is handcrafted, they all differ slightly in size; if you have a specific size requirement please send us a message prior to purchase and we will be able to advise of the exact sizes currently in stock. All sizes given for elasticated bracelets is the size when unstretched.- As the stones used are natural, they all differ in appearance and will have different patterns & may be a slightly different shade of the colours shown.- Multicolour / mixed stone bracelets may contain some stones not pictured and also may not contain all stones shown in the listing images.- Red coral is white coral which has been dyed red and blue / turquoise howlite is howlite which has been dyed blue - (also known as Turquonite or Turqurenite).  Both have the generic properties of coral / howlite but the benefit of additional properties associated with its colour.- Bracelets are not cleansed, charged or activated -  Keep out of the reach of children- Chakra / gemstone bracelets must never be used to treat any illnesses / conditions without first consulting with a healthcare professional / GP and in no way should be used instead of conventional medicine - please consult your GP if you have any healthcare concerns, whether physical or mental.- Do not wear whilst sleeping, taking part in physical activities or whilst bathing  - Do not overextend / overstretch bracelets, as they may break.- Do not expose to high temperatures, water or to sunlight for prolonged periods as this will weaken elastic.- We do not claim or guarantee that the bracelets have any power or properties and they are sold purely as fashion accessories.- Stones are tumbled as efficiently as possible to remove sharp edges although care should still be taken when wearing as sharper ends may still remain. (Please note - all measurements are approximate and differences in monitors and / or the device you use to view the listing / photos may result in subtle differences in colour & textures)

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