Car Parts - Choose from 22 Styles, Size & Thickness of Roll Mat Rubber Van Flooring Matting

Choose from 22 Styles, Size & Thickness of Roll Mat Rubber Van Flooring Matting

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Coin, Checker Diamond | 3 Thicknesses | Up to 10m FloorCategory: Car Parts

Product Details for our Rubber Range ARKMat Rubber Flooring Sold in a range of styles, widths, thicknesses and lengths. About Our Rubber Mats: Natural rubber matting provides years of trouble-free service. Our matting provides excellent insulation from the cold. The matting gives protection, cushioning and thermal insulation. This is not a cheap rubber. This is a new anti-slip ribbed surface top, non-porous, non-absorbent, urine proof, top quality natural rubber. Easy to clean and disinfect. Non-porous, non-absorbent, urine proof, will not swell, curl or lift. Dust, spore, smell & allergy free for humans and animals. Insulation from cold, slip resistant when wet. Tough and long lasting. Product Benefits For Our Rubber Mats: 100% Recycled Rubber Environmentally Friendly Non Toxic Non Slip Shock Absorbing Sound Absorbing Simple To Install Super Anti Slip Super Endurance Easy To Clean Simple & Economical Antistatic Comfort Under Foot Wide Application Range Suitable for: School Corridors, Recreation Grounds, Stages, Gymnasiums, Amusement Parks, Exhibition Centres, Activity Centres, Retirement Homes, Garages, Workshops. Product Specifications For Our Rubber Mats: Material: Continuous Rubber Roll Thickness: 3mm, 4.5mm or 6mm Density: 1.55 g/cm³ Tensile: 3MPA Hardness: 65 Shore A Elongation: 300% Standard Colour: Black Please be aware that as these mats are NEW some items may have a mat release agent on them to prevent any sticking together, this is easily removed with a detergent, it will wear off naturally through a short period of use.   Van Flooring This rubber is also often used on Van Floors. If using the rubber for a van then below are the floor space dimensions of popular van models to help you determine the minimum size to purchase: Citroen Manufacturer: Citroen, Model: Berlingo 1.4i 600 LX Dual Fuel, Floor Length: 1700mm, Floor Width: 1600mm Manufacturer: Citroen, Model: Berlingo 1.6HDi 75 600LX, Floor Length: 1700mm, Floor Width: 1600mm Manufacturer: Citroen, Model: Berlingo 1.6HDi 75 800LX, Floor Length: 1700mm, Floor Width: 1600mm Manufacturer: Citroen, Model: Berlingo 1.6HDi 90 600LX, Floor Length: 1700mm, Floor Width: 1600mm Manufacturer: Citroen, Model: Berlingo 1.6HDi 90 800LX, Floor Length: 1700mm, Floor Width: 1600mm Manufacturer: Citroen, Model: Berlingo e-HDi 90 L1 625 LX, Floor Length: 1800mm, Floor Width: 1620mm Manufacturer: Citroen, Model: C2 1.4 HDI Enterprise, Floor Length: 1070mm, Floor Width: 1010mm Manufacturer: Citroen, Model: Dispatch 1000 L1H1 HDi 120, Floor Length: 2254mm, Floor Width: 1600mm Manufacturer: Citroen, Model: Dispatch 1000 L1H1 HDi 90, Floor Length: 2254mm, Floor Width: 1600mm Manufacturer: Citroen, Model: Dispatch 1200 L2 H1HDi 120LX, Floor Length: 2584mm, Floor Width: 1600mm Manufacturer: Citroen, Model: Dispatch 1200 L2H1 HDi 120, Floor Length: 2584mm, Floor Width: 1600mm Manufacturer: Citroen, Model: Dispatch 1200 L2H1 HDi 90 LX, Floor Length: 2584mm, Floor Width: 1600mm Manufacturer: Citroen, Model: Dispatch 1200 L2H2 HDi 120, Floor Length: 2584mm, Floor Width: 1600mm Manufacturer: Citroen, Model: Relay 30 L1H1 HDi 100, Floor Length: 2670mm, Floor Width: 1870mm Manufacturer: Citroen, Model: Relay 30 L2H2 2.2HDi 100, Floor Length: 3120mm, Floor Width: 1870mm Manufacturer: Citroen, Model: Relay 33 L1H1 2.2HDi 100, Floor Length: 2670mm, Floor Width: 1870mm Manufacturer: Citroen, Model: Relay 33 L1H1 2.2HDi 120, Floor Length: 2670mm, Floor Width: 1870mm Manufacturer: Citroen, Model: Relay 33 L2H2 2.2HDi 100, Floor Length: 3120mm, Floor Width: 1870mm Manufacturer: Citroen, Model: Relay 33 L2H2 2.2HDi 120, Floor Length: 3120mm, Floor Width: 1870mm Manufacturer: Citroen, Model: Relay 33 L3H2 2.2HDi 120, Floor Length: 3705mm, Floor Width: 1870mm Manufacturer: Citroen, Model: Relay 35 L2H2 2.2HDi 120, Floor Length: 3120mm, Floor Width: 1870mm Manufacturer: Citroen, Model: Relay 35 L3H2 2+I.0 HDi160, Floor Length: 3705mm, Floor Width: 1870mm Manufacturer: Citroen, Model: Relay 35 L3H2 2.2HDi 120, Floor Length: 3705mm, Floor Width: 1870mm Fiat Manufacturer: Fiat, Model: Doblo Cargo 1.3 JTD SX High Roof, Floor Length: 1680mm, Floor Width: 1470mm Manufacturer: Fiat, Model: Doblo Cargo 1.3i JTD, Floor Length: 1680mm, Floor Width: 1470mm Manufacturer: Fiat, Model: Doblo cargo 1.9 JTD, Floor Length: 1680mm, Floor Width: 1470mm Manufacturer: Fiat, Model: Doblo Cargo 1.9 JTD SX High Roof, Floor Length: 1680mm, Floor Width: 1470mm Manufacturer: Fiat, Model: Ducato 30 2.2JTD 100 L1H1, Floor Length: 2670mm, Floor Width: 1870mm Manufacturer: Fiat, Model: Ducato 30 2.2JTD 100 L2H1, Floor Length: 3120mm, Floor Width: 1870mm Manufacturer: Fiat, Model: Ducato 33 2+i.oJTD 160 HR L3H2, Floor Length: 3705mm, Floor Width: 1870mm Manufacturer: Fiat, Model: Ducato 33 2.3JTD 120 L2H1, Floor Length: 3120mm, Floor Width: 1870mm Manufacturer: Fiat, Model: Ducato 35 2+i.oJTD 160 L2H2, Floor Length: 3120mm, Floor Width: 1870mm Manufacturer: Fiat, Model: Ducato 35 3.0 160 L3H2, Floor Length: 3705mm, Floor Width: 1870mm Manufacturer: Fiat, Model: Ducato 35 Maxi 2.3 120 L3H2, Floor Length: 3705mm, Floor Width: 1870mm Manufacturer: Fiat, Model: Grande Punto 1.3JTD, Floor Length: 1200mm, Floor Width: 1034mm Manufacturer: Fiat, Model: Scudo L1H1 10 1.6JTD 90, Floor Length: 2254mm, Floor Width: 1600mm Manufacturer: Fiat, Model: Scudo L1H1 12 2.0JTD 120, Floor Length: 2254mm, Floor Width: 1600mm Manufacturer: Fiat, Model: Scudo L2H1 12 2.0JTD 120, Floor Length: 2584mm, Floor Width: 1600mm Manufacturer: Fiat, Model: Scudo L2H2 12 2.0JTD 120, Floor Length: 2584mm, Floor Width: 1600mm Ford Manufacturer: Ford, Model: Fiesta 1.4 TDCi, Floor Length: 1320mm, Floor Width: 1366mm Manufacturer: Ford, Model: Fiesta 1.6 TDCi Sport, Floor Length: 1320mm, Floor Width: 1366mm Manufacturer: Ford, Model: Ranger 2.5 TDCi Dcab 4×4, Floor Length: 1530mm, Floor Width: 1456mm Manufacturer: Ford, Model: Ranger 2.5 TDCi Scab 4×2, Floor Length: 2280mm, Floor Width: 1456mm Manufacturer: Ford, Model: Ranger 2.5 TDCI Scab 4×4, Floor Length: 2280mm, Floor Width: 1456mm Manufacturer: Ford, Model: Ranger 2.5 TDCi SupCab 4×2, Floor Length: 1753mm, Floor Width: 1456mm Manufacturer: Ford, Model: Ranger 2.5 TDCi SupCab 4×4, Floor Length: 1753mm, Floor Width: 1456mm Manufacturer: Ford, Model: Transit 260 2.2 TDCi SWB l/r 85, Floor Length: 2582mm, Floor Width: 1762mm Manufacturer: Ford, Model: Transit 280 2.2 TDCi MWB l/r 110, Floor Length: 2949mm, Floor Width: 1762mm Manufacturer: Ford, Model: Transit 280 2.2 TDCi SWB l/r 110, Floor Length: 2582mm, Floor Width: 1762mm Manufacturer: Ford, Model: Transit 300 2.2 TDCi MWB l/r 130, Floor Length: 2949mm, Floor Width: 1762mm Manufacturer: Ford, Model: Transit 300 2.2 TDCi SWB l/r 130, Floor Length: 2582mm, Floor Width: 1762mm Manufacturer: Ford, Model: Transit 330 2.2 TDCi MWB m/r 110, Floor Length: 2949mm, Floor Width: 1762mm Manufacturer: Ford, Model: Transit 330 2.4 TDCi LWB h/r 100, Floor Length: 3399mm, Floor Width: 1762mm Manufacturer: Ford, Model: Transit 330 2.4 TDCi LWB h/r 140, Floor Length: 3399mm, Floor Width: 1762mm Manufacturer: Ford, Model: Transit 330 2.4 TDCi MWB h/r 140, Floor Length: 2929mm, Floor Width: 1762mm Manufacturer: Ford, Model: Transit 330 2.4 TDCi MWB m/r 140, Floor Length: 2949mm, Floor Width: 1762mm Manufacturer: Ford, Model: Transit Connect 200 1.8 TDCi SWB 75, Floor Length: 1739mm, Floor Width: 1490mm Manufacturer: Ford, Model: Transit Connect 200 1.8 TDCi SWB 90L, Floor Length: 1739mm, Floor Width: 1490mm Manufacturer: Ford, Model: Transit Connect 220 1.8 TDCi SWB 110 LX, Floor Length: 1739mm, Floor Width: 1490mm Manufacturer: Ford, Model: Transit Connect 220 1.8 TDCi SWB 110L, Floor Length: 1739mm, Floor Width: 1490mm Manufacturer: Ford, Model: Transit Connect 230 1.8TDCi LWB 110 LX, Floor Length: 1986mm, Floor Width: 1490mm Manufacturer: Ford, Model: Transit Connect 230 1.8TDCi LWB 90 L, Floor Length: 1986mm, Floor Width: 1490mm Isuzu Manufacturer: Isuzu, Model: Rodeo 2.5 DT 4×4 Denver, Floor Length: 1380mm, Floor Width: 1525mm Manufacturer: Isuzu, Model: Rodeo 2.5 DT 4×4 Denver Max, Floor Length: 1380mm, Floor Width: 1525mm Manufacturer: Isuzu, Model: Rodeo 2.5 DT 4×4 Denver Max LE, Floor Length: 1380mm, Floor Width: 1525mm Iveco Manufacturer: Iveco, Model: Daily 35S12 SWB 116 AGile l/r, Floor Length: 3000mm, Floor Width: 2800mm Manufacturer: Iveco, Model: Daily 35S12 SWB 116 l/r, Floor Length: 3000mm, Floor Width: 1800mm Manufacturer: Iveco, Model: Daily 35S14 lMWB 136 AGile h/r, Floor Length: 3250mm, Floor Width: 1800mm Manufacturer: Iveco, Model: Daily 35S14 LWB 136 h/r, Floor Length: 4560mm, Floor Width: 1800mm Manufacturer: Iveco, Model: Daily 35S14 MWB 136 Ex h/r, Floor Length: 3250mm, Floor Width: 1800mm Manufacturer: Iveco, Model: Daily 35S14 MWB 136 h/r, Floor Length: 3250mm, Floor Width: 1800mm Manufacturer: Iveco, Model: Daily 35S18 LWB 176 Ex h/r, Floor Length: 4560mm, Floor Width: 1800mm Manufacturer: Iveco, Model: Daily 35S18 MWB 176 h/r, Floor Length: 3250mm, Floor Width: 1800mm Landrover Manufacturer: Landrover, Model: Defender 110 Hard Top, Floor Length: 1750mm, Floor Width: 755mm Manufacturer: Landrover, Model: Defender 110 Pick Up, Floor Length: 1570mm, Floor Width: 800mm Manufacturer: Landrover, Model: Defender 110 Pick Up Double Cab, Floor Length: 1470mm, Floor Width: 800mm Manufacturer: Landrover, Model: Defender 90 Hard Top, Floor Length: 1030mm, Floor Width: 755mm Manufacturer: Landrover, Model: Defender 90 Pick Up, Floor Length: 830mm, Floor Width: 800mm Manufacturer: Landrover, Model: Discovery 3 TDV6 Commercial, Floor Length: 945mm, Floor Width: 1950mm Manufacturer: Landrover, Model: Discovery 3 TDV6 XS Commercial, Floor Length: 945mm, Floor Width: 1950mm LDV Manufacturer: Ldv, Model: Maxus 280 LWB HR 95 PS, Floor Length: 3355mm, Floor Width: 1770mm Manufacturer: Ldv, Model: Maxus 2800 LWB HR 120 PS, Floor Length: 3355mm, Floor Width: 1770mm Manufacturer: Ldv, Model: Maxus 2800 LWB HR 135 PS, Floor Length: 3355mm, Floor Width: 1770mm Manufacturer: Ldv, Model: Maxus 2800 SWB HR 120 PS, Floor Length: 2586mm, Floor Width: 1770mm Manufacturer: Ldv, Model: Maxus 2800 SWB HR 135 PS, Floor Length: 2586mm, Floor Width: 1770mm Manufacturer: Ldv, Model: Maxus 2800 SWB HR 95 PS, Floor Length: 2586mm, Floor Width: 1770mm Manufacturer: Ldv, Model: Maxus 2800 SWB SR 120 PS, Floor Length: 2586mm, Floor Width: 1770mm Manufacturer: Ldv, Model: Maxus 2800 SWB SR 95 PS, Floor Length: 2586mm, Floor Width: 1770mm Manufacturer: Ldv, Model: Maxus 3200 LWB HR 120 PS, Floor Length: 3355mm, Floor Width: 1770mm Manufacturer: Ldv, Model: Maxus 3200 LWB HR 95 PS, Floor Length: 3355mm, Floor Width: 1770mm Mazda Manufacturer: Mazda, Model: BT50 4X2 Single Cab, Floor Length: 2280mm, Floor Width: 1456mm Manufacturer: Mazda, Model: BT50 4×4 Double Cab TS, Floor Length: 1530mm, Floor Width: 1456mm Manufacturer: Mazda, Model: BT50 4×4 Single Cab, Floor Length: 2280mm, Floor Width: 1456mm Mercedes Manufacturer: Mercedes, Model: Sprinter 209 CDI SWB High Roof, Floor Length: 2600mm, Floor Width: 1780mm Manufacturer: Mercedes, Model: Sprinter 209 CDI SWB Low Roof, Floor Length: 2600mm, Floor Width: 1780mm Manufacturer: Mercedes, Model: Sprinter 211 CDI MWB High Roof, Floor Length: 3265mm, Floor Width: 1789mm Manufacturer: Mercedes, Model: Sprinter 211 CDI MWB Low Roof, Floor Length: 3265mm, Floor Width: 1780mm Manufacturer: Mercedes, Model: Sprinter 211 CDI SWB Low Roof, Floor Length: 2600mm, Floor Width: 1780mm Manufacturer: Mercedes, Model: Sprinter 213 CDI MWB High Roof, Floor Length: 3265mm, Floor Width: 1780mm Manufacturer: Mercedes, Model: Sprinter 215 CDI MWB High Roof, Floor Length: 3265mm, Floor Width: 1780mm Manufacturer: Mercedes, Model: Sprinter 309 CDI MWB High Roof, Floor Length: 3265mm, Floor Width: 1780mm Manufacturer: Mercedes, Model: Sprinter 311 CDI MWB Super h/r, Floor Length: 3265mm, Floor Width: 1780mm Manufacturer: Mercedes, Model: Sprinter 313 CDI MWB High Roof, Floor Length: 3265mm, Floor Width: 1780mm Manufacturer: Mercedes, Model: Vito 109 CDI Compact, Floor Length: 2422mm, Floor Width: 1650mm Manufacturer: Mercedes, Model: Vito 109 CDI Extra Long, Floor Length: 2897mm, Floor Width: 1650mm Manufacturer: Mercedes, Model: Vito 109 DCI Long, Floor Length: 2667mm, Floor Width: 1650mm Manufacturer: Mercedes, Model: Vito 111 CDI Compact, Floor Length: 2422mm, Floor Width: 1650mm Manufacturer: Mercedes, Model: Vito 111 CDI Extra Long, Floor Length: 2897mm, Floor Width: 1650mm Manufacturer: Mercedes, Model: Vito 111 CDI Long High Roof, Floor Length: 2667mm, Floor Width: 1650mm Manufacturer: Mercedes, Model: Vito 115 CDI Compact, Floor Length: 2422mm, Floor Width: 1650mm Manufacturer: Mercedes, Model: Vito 115 CDI Extra Long, Floor Length: 2897mm, Floor Width: 1650mm Manufacturer: Mercedes, Model: Vito 115 CDI Long, Floor Length: 2667mm, Floor Width: 1650mm Manufacturer: Mercedes, Model: Vito 120 CDI Compact, Floor Length: 2422mm, Floor Width: 1650mm Mitsubishi Manufacturer: Mitsubishi, Model: L200 2.5 DI-D 4×4 Work Ccab, Floor Length: 1805mm, Floor Width: 1470mm Manufacturer: Mitsubishi, Model: L200 2.5 DI-D 4×4 Work DCb, Floor Length: 1325mm, Floor Width: 1470mm Manufacturer: Mitsubishi, Model: L200 2.5 DI-D 4×4 Work Scab, Floor Length: 2220mm, Floor Width: 1470mm Manufacturer: Mitsubishi, Model: Outlander 2.0 Di-D Equippe Comm, Floor Length: 1800mm, Floor Width: 1335mm Manufacturer: Mitsubishi, Model: Shogun 3.2 Di-DC Eq Auto SWB, Floor Length: 1290mm, Floor Width: 1390mm Manufacturer: Mitsubishi, Model: Shogun 3.2 Di-DC Eq Comm SWB, Floor Length: 1290mm, Floor Width: 1390mm Nissan Manufacturer: Nissan, Model: Cabstar 2.5d Ci 110 SWB Dropside, Floor Length: 3160mm, Floor Width: 1900mm Manufacturer: Nissan, Model: Cabstar 2.5d Ci 130 MWB Dropside, Floor Length: 3720mm, Floor Width: 1900mm Manufacturer: Nissan, Model: Cabstar 3.0d Ci 150 LWB DC Dropside, Floor Length: 3720mm, Floor Width: 1900mm Manufacturer: Nissan, Model: Interstar 2.5d Ci 2800 E SWB l/r, Floor Length: 2714mm, Floor Width: 1764mm Manufacturer: Nissan, Model: Interstar 2.5d Ci 3300 SE MWB m/r, Floor Length: 3214mm, Floor Width: 1764mm Manufacturer: Nissan, Model: Interstar 2.5d Ci 3500 SE LWB h/r, Floor Length: 3714mm, Floor Width: 1764mm Manufacturer: Nissan, Model: Interstar 2.5d Ci 3500 SE MWB m/r, Floor Length: 3214mm, Floor Width: 1764mm Manufacturer: Nissan, Model: Kubistar 1.5d Ci 70 SE, Floor Length: 1675mm, Floor Width: 1365mm Manufacturer: Nissan, Model: Kubistar 1.5d Ci 90 SE, Floor Length: 1675mm, Floor Width: 1365mm Manufacturer: Nissan, Model: Kubistar 1.5d Ci 90 SE HP, Floor Length: 1675mm, Floor Width: 1365mm Manufacturer: Nissan, Model: Navara 2.5d Ci Double Cab, Floor Length: 1511mm, Floor Width: 1560mm Manufacturer: Nissan, Model: Navara 2.5d Ci King Cab, Floor Length: 1861mm, Floor Width: 1560mm Manufacturer: Nissan, Model: Pickup 2.5Di 4×2 Single Cab, Floor Length: 2235mm, Floor Width: 1465mm Manufacturer: Nissan, Model: Pickup 2.5Di 4×4 Single Cab, Floor Length: 2235mm, Floor Width: 1465mm Manufacturer: Nissan, Model: Primastar 2.0d Ci 2700 90 SWB l/r E, Floor Length: 2400mm, Floor Width: 1690mm Manufacturer: Nissan, Model: Primastar 2.0d Ci 29 115 LWB l/r SE, Floor Length: 2800mm, Floor Width: 1690mm Manufacturer: Nissan, Model: Primastar 2.0d Ci 29 115 SWB l/r SE, Floor Length: 2400mm, Floor Width: 1690mm Manufacturer: Nissan, Model: Primastar 2.5d Ci 29 150 LWB l/r SE, Floor Length: 2800mm, Floor Width: 1690mm Peugeot Manufacturer: Peugeot, Model: 207 1.4HDi 70, Floor Length: 1335mm, Floor Width: 1015mm Manufacturer: Peugeot, Model: 207 1.6HDi 90, Floor Length: 1335mm, Floor Width: 1015mm Manufacturer: Peugeot, Model: Boxer 330 2.2HDi 100 L1H1, Floor Length: 2670mm, Floor Width: 1870mm Manufacturer: Peugeot, Model: Boxer 330 2.2HDIi 120 L2H2, Floor Length: 3120mm, Floor Width: 1870mm Manufacturer: Peugeot, Model: Boxer 333 2+i.oHDi 157 L1H2, Floor Length: 2670mm, Floor Width: 1870mm Manufacturer: Peugeot, Model: Boxer 333 2.2HDi 100 L2H2, Floor Length: 3120mm, Floor Width: 1870mm Manufacturer: Peugeot, Model: Boxer 333 2.2HDi 120 H3H2, Floor Length: 3705mm, Floor Width: 1870mm Manufacturer: Peugeot, Model: Boxer 335 2+i.oHDi 157 L3H20, Floor Length: 3705mm, Floor Width: 1870mm Manufacturer: Peugeot, Model: Boxer 335 2.2HDi 120 L2H2, Floor Length: 3120mm, Floor Width: 1870mm Manufacturer: Peugeot, Model: Boxer 335 2.2HDi 120 L3H2, Floor Length: 3705mm, Floor Width: 1870mm Manufacturer: Peugeot, Model: Expert 1.6HDi 90 L1H1 1000, Floor Length: 2255mm, Floor Width: 1602mm Manufacturer: Peugeot, Model: Expert 2.0HDi 120 L1H1 1200, Floor Length: 2255mm, Floor Width: 1602mm Manufacturer: Peugeot, Model: Expert 2.0HDi 120 L2H2 1200, Floor Length: 2586mm, Floor Width: 1602mm Manufacturer: Peugeot, Model: Expert 2.0HDi 136 L1H1 1200, Floor Length: 2255mm, Floor Width: 1602mm Manufacturer: Peugeot, Model: Expert 2.0HDi 90 L2H1 1200, Floor Length: 2586mm, Floor Width: 1602mm Manufacturer: Peugeot, Model: Partner 600 1.6HDi 75 L, Floor Length: 1700mm, Floor Width: 1600mm Manufacturer: Peugeot, Model: Partner 600 1.6HDi 75 LX, Floor Length: 1700mm, Floor Width: 1600mm Manufacturer: Peugeot, Model: Partner 600 1.6HDi 90 LX, Floor Length: 1700mm, Floor Width: 1600mm Manufacturer: Peugeot, Model: Partner 800 1.6HDi 90 LX, Floor Length: 1700mm, Floor Width: 1600mm Piaggio Manufacturer: Piaggio, Model: Porter Pick-up, Floor Length: 1980mm, Floor Width: 1400mm Manufacturer: Piaggio, Model: Porter Van, Floor Length: 1760mm, Floor Width: 1270mm Renault Manufacturer: Renault, Model: Clio Campus SL 1.5dCi 70, Floor Length: 1273mm, Floor Width: 1370mm Manufacturer: Renault, Model: Kangoo SL 17 1.5dCi 60, Floor Length: 1675mm, Floor Width: 1365mm Manufacturer: Renault, Model: Kangoo SL 17 1.5dCi 70, Floor Length: 1675mm, Floor Width: 1365mm Manufacturer: Renault, Model: Kangoo SL 17 1.5dCi 85+, Floor Length: 1675mm, Floor Width: 1365mm Manufacturer: Renault, Model: Kangoo SL 19 1.5dCi 70, Floor Length: 1675mm, Floor Width: 1365mm Manufacturer: Renault, Model: Master LH 35 2.5dCi 100, Floor Length: 3634mm, Floor Width: 1764mm Manufacturer: Renault, Model: Master LH 35 2.5dCi 150, Floor Length: 3634mm, Floor Width: 1764mm Manufacturer: Renault, Model: Master LM 35 2.5dCi 120, Floor Length: 3634mm, Floor Width: 1764mm Manufacturer: Renault, Model: Master MH 35 2.5dCi 100, Floor Length: 3134mm, Floor Width: 1764mm Manufacturer: Renault, Model: Master MH 35 2.5dCi 150, Floor Length: 3134mm, Floor Width: 1764mm Manufacturer: Renault, Model: Master MM 33 2.5dCi 120, Floor Length: 3134mm, Floor Width: 1764mm Manufacturer: Renault, Model: Master SL 28 2.5dCi 100, Floor Length: 2634mm, Floor Width: 1764mm Manufacturer: Renault, Model: Master SL 28 2.5dCi 120, Floor Length: 2634mm, Floor Width: 1764mm Manufacturer: Renault, Model: Master SM 33 2.5dCi 100, Floor Length: 2634mm, Floor Width: 1764mm Manufacturer: Renault, Model: Trafic LH 29 2.0dCi 115, Floor Length: 2800mm, Floor Width: 1960mm Manufacturer: Renault, Model: Trafic LL 29 2.0dCi 115, Floor Length: 2800mm, Floor Width: 1960mm Manufacturer: Renault, Model: Trafic SH 29 2.0dCi 115, Floor Length: 2400mm, Floor Width: 1960mm Manufacturer: Renault, Model: Trafic SL 27 2.0dCi 115, Floor Length: 2400mm, Floor Width: 1960mm Manufacturer: Renault, Model: Trafic SL 29 2.0dCi 115, Floor Length: 2400mm, Floor Width: 1960mm Manufacturer: Renault, Model: Trafic SL27 2.0dCi 90, Floor Length: 2400mm, Floor Width: 1960mm Toyota Manufacturer: Toyota, Model: Dyna 3.0D-4D LWB Dropside, Floor Length: 4460mm, Floor Width: 2000mm Manufacturer: Toyota, Model: Dyna 3.0D-4D MWB Dropside, Floor Length: 3130mm, Floor Width: 2000mm Manufacturer: Toyota, Model: Dyna 3.0D-4D SWB Dropside, Floor Length: 2852mm, Floor Width: 1695mm Manufacturer: Toyota, Model: Hiace 280 2.5D-4D 120 SWB, Floor Length: 2335mm, Floor Width: 1650mm Manufacturer: Toyota, Model: Hiace 280 2.5D-4D 95 SWB, Floor Length: 2335mm, Floor Width: 1650mm Manufacturer: Toyota, Model: Hiace 300 2.4D04D 120 LWB, Floor Length: 2780mm, Floor Width: 1650mm Manufacturer: Toyota, Model: Hiace 300 2.5D-4D 95 LWB, Floor Length: 2780mm, Floor Width: 1650mm Manufacturer: Toyota, Model: Hilux 2.5D-4D 4×2 SCab HL2, Floor Length: 2315mm, Floor Width: 1520mm Manufacturer: Toyota, Model: Hilux 2.5D-4D 4×4 Dcab HL2, Floor Length: 1520mm, Floor Width: 1515mm Manufacturer: Toyota, Model: Hilux 2.5D-4D 4×4 DCab HL3, Floor Length: 1520mm, Floor Width: 1515mm Manufacturer: Toyota, Model: Hilux 2.5D-4D 4×4 ExCab HL2, Floor Length: 1805mm, Floor Width: 1515mm Manufacturer: Toyota, Model: Hilux 2.5D-4D 4×4 SCab HL2, Floor Length: 2315mm, Floor Width: 1520mm Manufacturer: Toyota, Model: Hilux 3.0D-4D 4×4 DCab HL3, Floor Length: 1520mm, Floor Width: 1515mm Vauxhall Manufacturer: Vauxhall, Model: Astravan Club 1.3 CDTi 16v, Floor Length: 1825mm, Floor Width: 1376mm Manufacturer: Vauxhall, Model: Astravan Club 1.7 CDTi 16v, Floor Length: 1825mm, Floor Width: 1376mm Manufacturer: Vauxhall, Model: Astravan Club 1.9 CDTi, Floor Length: 1825mm, Floor Width: 1376mm Manufacturer: Vauxhall, Model: Astravan Club 1.9 CDTi Auto, Floor Length: 1825mm, Floor Width: 1376mm Manufacturer: Vauxhall, Model: Combo 1700 1.3 CDTi, Floor Length: 1787mm, Floor Width: 1348mm Manufacturer: Vauxhall, Model: Combo 1700 1.3 CDTi Easytronic, Floor Length: 1787mm, Floor Width: 1348mm Manufacturer: Vauxhall, Model: Combo 1700 1.7 CDTi, Floor Length: 1787mm, Floor Width: 1348mm Manufacturer: Vauxhall, Model: Combo 2000 1.3 CDTi, Floor Length: 1787mm, Floor Width: 1348mm Manufacturer: Vauxhall, Model: Combo 2000 1.7 CDTi Easytronic, Floor Length: 1787mm, Floor Width: 1348mm Manufacturer: Vauxhall, Model: Combo 2000 1.7CDTi, Floor Length: 1787mm, Floor Width: 1348mm Manufacturer: Vauxhall, Model: Corsavan 1.3CDTi, Floor Length: 1257mm, Floor Width: 1264mm Manufacturer: Vauxhall, Model: Movano 28 2.5 CDTi 100 SWB l/r, Floor Length: 2714mm, Floor Width: 1764mm Manufacturer: Vauxhall, Model: Movano 28 2.5 CDTi 146 SWB l/r, Floor Length: 2714mm, Floor Width: 1764mm Manufacturer: Vauxhall, Model: Movano 32 2.5 CDTi 100 LWB h/r, Floor Length: 3714mm, Floor Width: 1764mm Manufacturer: Vauxhall, Model: Movano 33 2.5 CDTi 100 MWB h/r, Floor Length: 3214mm, Floor Width: 1764mm Manufacturer: Vauxhall, Model: Movano 33 2.5 CDTi 120 SWB h/r, Floor Length: 2714mm, Floor Width: 1764mm Manufacturer: Vauxhall, Model: Movano 35 2.5 120 LWB Maxi/r, Floor Length: 3714mm, Floor Width: 1764mm Manufacturer: Vauxhall, Model: Movano 35 2.5 146 Tech LWB h/r, Floor Length: 3714mm, Floor Width: 1764mm Manufacturer: Vauxhall, Model: Movano 35 2.5 CDTi 120 LWB h/r, Floor Length: 3714mm, Floor Width: 1764mm Manufacturer: Vauxhall, Model: Movano 35 2.5 CDTi 120 MWB h/r, Floor Length: 3214mm, Floor Width: 1764mm Manufacturer: Vauxhall, Model: Movano 35 2.5 CDTi 120 SWB h/r, Floor Length: 2714mm, Floor Width: 1764mm Manufacturer: Vauxhall, Model: Vivaro 2700 2.0 CDTi 115 l/r, Floor Length: 2415mm, Floor Width: 1663mm Manufacturer: Vauxhall, Model: Vivaro 2700 2.0CDTi 90 SWB l/r, Floor Length: 2415mm, Floor Width: 1663mm Manufacturer: Vauxhall, Model: Vivaro 29 2.0 CDTi 115 LWB h/r, Floor Length: 2815mm, Floor Width: 1663mm Manufacturer: Vauxhall, Model: Vivaro 29 2.0 CDTi 115 SWB h/r, Floor Length: 2415mm, Floor Width: 1663mm Manufacturer: Vauxhall, Model: Vivaro 29 2.0 CDTi 90 LWB h/r, Floor Length: 2815mm, Floor Width: 1663mm Manufacturer: Vauxhall, Model: Vivaro 29 2.5 145 Tech LWB l/r, Floor Length: 2815mm, Floor Width: 1663mm Manufacturer: Vauxhall, Model: Vivaro 29 2.5 145 Tech SWB h/r, Floor Length: 2415mm, Floor Width: 1663mm Manufacturer: Vauxhall, Model: Vivaro 29 2.5 CDTi 145 SWB l/r, Floor Length: 2415mm, Floor Width: 1663mm Manufacturer: Vauxhall, Model: Vivaro 2900 2.0 CDTi 90 SWB l/r, Floor Length: 2415mm, Floor Width: 1663mm Manufacturer: Vauxhall, Model: Vivaro 2900 2.0CDTi 115 LWB l/r, Floor Length: 2815mm, Floor Width: 1663mm Volkswagen Manufacturer: Volkswagen, Model: Caddy 1.9TDI PD, Floor Length: 1781mm, Floor Width: 1558mm Manufacturer: Volkswagen, Model: Caddy 1.9TDiI PD DSG, Floor Length: 1781mm, Floor Width: 1558mm Manufacturer: Volkswagen, Model: Caddy 2.0SDI PD, Floor Length: 1781mm, Floor Width: 1558mm Manufacturer: Volkswagen, Model: Crafter 30 2.5 TDI 109 SWB l/r, Floor Length: 2600mm, Floor Width: 1780mm Manufacturer: Volkswagen, Model: Crafter 30 2.5TDI 88 SWB l/r, Floor Length: 2600mm, Floor Width: 1780mm Manufacturer: Volkswagen, Model: Crafter 35 2.5 109 MWB h/r SM, Floor Length: 3265mm, Floor Width: 1780mm Manufacturer: Volkswagen, Model: Crafter 35 2.5 TDI 163 LWB h/r, Floor Length: 4300mm, Floor Width: 1780mm Manufacturer: Volkswagen, Model: Crafter 35 2.5TDI 109 LWB h/r, Floor Length: 4300mm, Floor Width: 1780mm Manufacturer: Volkswagen, Model: Crafter 35 2.5TDI 109 MWB h/r, Floor Length: 3265mm, Floor Width: 1780mm Manufacturer: Volkswagen, Model: Crafter 35 2.5TDI 136 LWB h/r, Floor Length: 4300mm, Floor Width: 1780mm Manufacturer: Volkswagen, Model: Crafter 35 2.5TDI 136 MWB h/r, Floor Length: 3265mm, Floor Width: 1780mm Manufacturer: Volkswagen, Model: Crafter 35 2.5TDI 163 MWB h/r, Floor Length: 3265mm, Floor Width: 1780mm Manufacturer: Volkswagen, Model: Crafter 35 2.5TDI 88 LWB h/r, Floor Length: 4300mm, Floor Width: 1780mm Manufacturer: Volkswagen, Model: Transporter 26 1.9TDI 84 SWB l/r, Floor Length: 2543mm, Floor Width: 1692mm Manufacturer: Volkswagen, Model: Transporter 28 1.9 TDI 102 SWB l/r, Floor Length: 2543mm, Floor Width: 1692mm Manufacturer: Volkswagen, Model: Transporter 28 1.9TDI 84 SWB l/r, Floor Length: 2543mm, Floor Width: 1692mm Manufacturer: Volkswagen, Model: Transporter 28 2.5TDI 130 SWB l/r, Floor Length: 2543mm, Floor Width: 1692mm Manufacturer: Volkswagen, Model: Transporter 28.1 9TDI 102 SWB m/r, Floor Length: 2543mm, Floor Width: 1692mm Manufacturer: Volkswagen, Model: Transporter 30 1.9 TDI 102 LWB m/r, Floor Length: 2943mm, Floor Width: 1692mm Manufacturer: Volkswagen, Model: Transporter 30 1.9TDI 102 SWB l/r, Floor Length: 2543mm, Floor Width: 1692mm Manufacturer: Volkswagen, Model: Transporter 30 2.5 TDI 130 LWB l/r, Floor Length: 2943mm, Floor Width: 1692mm Manufacturer: Volkswagen, Model: Transporter 30 2.5TDI 130 SWB l/r, Floor Length: 2543mm, Floor Width: 1692mm Manufacturer: Volkswagen, Model: Transporter 30 2.5TDI 130 SWB l/r 4M, Floor Length: 2543mm, Floor Width: 1692mm Also Available:  Spray Adhesive is also sold on this listing on the drop down menus above. A 500ml can should cover around 4sqm View our other ranges of Rubber Returns Information All ARK products come with a manufacturers guarantee. In the event of product defect you can return the item to us for a refund of the original item. You need to obtain a RNA via email before sending the product back to ensure speedy credit. However if you wish to return goods for any other reasons, please contact us with the details first. We will NOT accept any returns or exchanges after 30 days from date of delivery - after 30 days from date of delivery, your goods will be assumed satisfactory and any claims for errors in shipment, or requests for returns and exchanges will not be accepted. We will only accept goods returned provided they are clean, in a saleable condition, with no rips, tears or markings. All returns are subject to the discretion of Ark Solutions. Unless agreed by prior arrangement, all Returns and/or Exchanges are subject to a Return Shipping/Collection Fee, and a 20% Handling fee where appropriate. Payment Information Payment is by paypal or any major debit / credit cards please call us if you wish to use your card and we can take secure payment over the phone. We can also accept Bank transfer. We can accept e-cheque but won't release goods until payment has cleared. If you have any problems with this, please contact us. Important Shipping Information Delivery is as per listing if not specified it will be based on delivery address and number of Items required. We have a standard FREE delivery option or quicker delivery services at a nominal cost. Delivery is to England, Wales and most of Scotland using courier services (Yellow Areas). If you live in a non standard area you will incur extra delivery charges and should contact us in advance to discuss the costs. Those areas & postcodes are: Northern Ireland & Isle of Man (BT & IM Postcodes) Highlands of Scotland (PA, PH, AB, IV, KW Postcodes) Scottish Islands (HS & ZE postcodes) Isles of Scilly (TR postcode) Channel Islands (GY & JE postcodes) Additionally please contact us if you are using a BFPO Additional Shipping Information We can ship to Europe including the Republic of Ireland but please contact us for exact delivery price based on your location. Someone must be available to take delivery of your item, buyer will be responsible of any costs of re-delivery if there is no-one available to sign for the goods. You must inform us of any access issues at the time of placing an order and also provide us with a contact number for the courier. We always pass on any specific delivery request's (leave if not in, house down the lane etc) however we cannot guarantee these as they are out of our control.

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