Home Decoration - 6 Inch x 6 Inch Tile Stickers, Transfers 6" (150mm x 150mm) For Kitchen Bathroom

6 Inch x 6 Inch Tile Stickers, Transfers 6" (150mm x 150mm) For Kitchen Bathroom

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Pack Sizes of 5 / 10 / 25 / 50 / 100 stickers. Category: Home Decor

Castle Graphics ABOUT US FEEDBACK ADD US NEWSLETTER CONTACT Tile Stickers. For 150mm / 6 Inch Square TilesIVORY NOW ADDED (not shown on picture)     Listing update: All colour is the "Colour" dropdown are not in alphabetical order. For instance, Dark Grey is near the bottom of the list, so you have to scroll down until you see it. There are several colours that are lower down, rather than in alphabetical order. Every colour is available in GLOSS. Many are available in MATT, but due to ebay's listing combinations, I cannot list all of the MATT. If you want a colour that doesn't show in MATT, please message me and I'll let you know if I have it. I have 80%+ of the colours also in MATT. I have recently dropped the prices on these, so they are now lower priced than ever. Don't pay hundreds of £'s out for new tiles in your bathroom or kitchen. Change the look of your tiles with these easy to use stickers. Great for brightening up the old look of your tiles. They are just stuck on (self adhesive, no use of water) and can also peel off if you want to go back to the original tiles. There are 5 different pack sizes. There's a pack of 5, a pack of 10, a pack of 25, a pack of 50 and a pack of 100. They are priced on a sliding scale, the bigger the pack, the cheaper per sticker. You can choose your colour and also you have a choice of Gloss finish or Matt finish. They are made from a high grade vinyl and come in a large variety of colours. To see the colours available, go to the top of the listing and scroll through the colours offered. That will actually show you how the tiles look before you put these on and then what they look like after.   The stickers are 150mm x 150mm. This is not exactly 6 inches. But, tiles are still described in inches, despite them being made in mm. So, it is very very probable is that although your tiles are classed and 6 x 6 inches, they will actually be 150mm x 150mm (2.4mm less than 6 inches). If you are in doubt, using a ruler with mm and cm on it, measure them. If you definitely want exactly 6 x 6 inches (some very old tiles may still be 6 inches), please make sure that you let me know. Otherwise, you will be sent stickers that are 150mm x 150mm. I have to send the 150mm stickers, otherwise, 98+ of all stickers would be returned as too big. Tiles made in inches were stopped in the 70's, but still, 40+ years later, many still describe them in inches. So, just to repeat and make it clear, the title of this listing says 6 x 6 inches. This is just a size that some shops sell them as, but they are in fact 150mm square. This is what you will be sent as the exact 6 inch square is probably the wrong size. I will send exactly 6 inches only if you request them. If you are covering dark patterns and want white stickers, there is a possibility that a dark pattern would show through the white. A bit similar to paint, white paint usually needs more than one coat. But, you can still have white, as we can send "blockout" white. This has a special backing to stop any dark patterns / shades showing through. It is more expensive than normal white. But, as a special offer, we are not charging extra for it. Just buy the white from the dropdown and send a message saying you want blockout white. This is only for dark patterns, many patterns will not show through the normal white. We also have blockout with our own designs on them, check out our ebay store, I hope that this is explained clearly enough.   GET 99p SAMPLES BY CLICKING 

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